From Nelsons Kitchen

Braised Fennel

From Nelson’s Kitchen

      From Marcella Hazan.

  1. Preparing the Fennel
    • Cut the fennel tops where they meet the bulb and discard them.
    • Detach and discar any of the bulb’s outer parts that may be bruised or discoloured.
    • Slice 1/8 inch of the butt end.
    • Cut the bulb vertically into slices about 1/3 inch thick.
  2. Braising the Fennel
    • Put the fennel and the olive oil in a large saucepan.
    • Sprinkle with salt.
    • Add enough water to barely cover the fennel.
    • Turn heat to medium.
    • Do not put a lead in on the pot.
    • Cook, turning slices over from time to time until the fennel is glossy and pale gold and it is tender when pierced with a knife — between 25 and 40 minutes.
    • If the liquid is insufficient, add a bit more water.
    • All the water must be evaporated by the time the fennel is cooked.
    • Serve on a warm plate.